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The American Exploration & Production Council - AXPC, is a national trade association that represents 31 of the largest US independent natural gas and crude oil exploration and production companies - Leaders in finding and developing secure energy supplies throughout North America. Members are "independent" in the sense that that they do not have petroleum refining or retail marketing operations and therefore are not "fully-integrated".


The AXPC mission is to work constructively for sound energy, environmental and related public policies that encourage responsible exploration, development and production of natural gas and crude oil to meet consumer needs and fuel our economy.

In the United States...

  • Members are generally, publicly-traded corporations
  • They have a history of investing more than they earn ( 100% of cash flow ) in exploration and production
  • They are leaders in developing and applying technology necessary to find and produce secure supplies of oil and gas onshore and offshore, including in deep and ultra-deep water, throughout North America and around the world
  • Are leaders in adding domestic energy reserves by being among the most active in drilling natural gas and oil exploration and development wells in the United States, accounting for nearly one third of all successful wells drilled
  • Produce some 28% of the natural gas in the United States and more than 26% of the country's domestic oil supplies
  • Hold some 40% of independents' natural gas reserves, and more than 30% of all US gas reserves
  • Hold approximately 40% of independents' crude oil reserves, and more than 26% of total US oil reserves
  • Are strong players in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, with nearly 3,000 total OCS lease interests, more than 1,700 as operator
  • Have some 1,900 deepwater lease interests in the Gulf of Mexico, including more than 1,100 operator designations (with more than 600 ultra-deep interests, 58% of those as operator); and
  • Provide jobs in the United States for nearly 55,000 employees, with operations in 28 states

Elsewhere in the World...

AXPC members are sought out as partners worldwide. They have international operations or interests in over 40 countries including...

Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cote d'Ivore, Ecuador, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Israel, Italy, Libya , Malaysia, Mozambique, Nigeria, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, South Africa, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Yemen.

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V. Bruce Thompson,
American Exploration & Production Council
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 7205
Washington, DC 20004

(202) 347-7578

E-mail: Info@axpc.us

Melanie Reingardt,
Executive Assistant
American Exploration & Production Council
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 7205
Washington, DC 20004

(202) 347-7578

E-mail: MReingardt@axpc.us