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Shaping Good Energy Policy: Good Practices for Effectiveness

Policy decisions at all levels of government have a profound effect on the ability of American Exploration & Production Council ( AXPC ) members to find, develop and produce the natural gas and oil needed by our nation's consumers. The AXPC, its member companies and their employees are committed to necessary and appropriate participation in policy and political processes to ensure that the nation benefits from their knowledge, expertise and ability to bring high-technology and innovative solutions to bear in helping to shape good energy policy as well as in providing energy that fuels our economy, heats our homes and provides the products and mobility consumers need.

AXPC encourages broad participation in:

Government Relations:

We recognize the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with elected and appointed policymakers on a non-partisan basis, with a foundation of mutual interests, trust, and respect for divergent views.

Candidate Support:

We encourage active engagement with, and support of, candidates for public office who support sound energy and economic policies.


We know that it is essential to help our employees, our neighbors and policymakers better understand our business and our policy views, and we urge improved communication within our companies and with all stakeholders.

Good practices in these areas may include:

Government Relations:

  • Inviting policymakers to company locations for employee meetings or educational tours of facilities.
  • Encouraging employees and managers to attend local "town hall"-type meetings to establish and maintain relationships with elected representatives.
  • Visiting constituent representatives in their local offices when they are in the area.
  • Involving policymakers at all government levels in company-sponsored community projects, including celebrations of their progress and successes.
  • Making executives, managers and employees available to visit with constituent policymakers in Washington and/or state capitals.

Candidate Support:

  • Establishing a corporate political action committee ( PAC ).
  • Publishing a PAC newsletter to keep employees up to date on upcoming elections and pertinent policy issues.
  • Seeking PAC member engagement in contribution decisions and attendance at fundraisers.
  • Keeping PAC members updated on PAC disbursements.
  • Encouraging employee involvement in political campaigns, including distributing lists of candidates for various federal, state, and local offices along with information on how to become involved in their campaigns.
  • Hosting election-related events such as candidate forums and election return-watching opportunities. Recognizing employees for their political involvement.


  • Providing employees with information on company views on important issues -- and keeping it easily accessible.
  • Facilitating informal opportunities for employees to learn more about political processes, including primary elections, roles of political parties, and the importance of volunteers and fundraising for campaigns.
  • Holding voter registration drives.
  • Providing information on candidates and their positions to employees, and on their events and meetings employees may want to attend.
  • Encouraging employees to attend and speak at meetings with elected and appointed policymakers, and to write letters and make phone calls on matters they care about.
  • Providing Web-based methods for sharing input with representatives
  • Helping to encourage that communication follow the "ABCT" rule – that it be Accurate, Brief, Clear and Timely.
  • Asking employees who are current officeholders to share their experiences, at employee meetings and/or in company publications, about the importance of being politically active.

AXPC and its members commit themselves to conducting these and other policy-related activities ethically, and in accordance with the letter and spirit of applicable laws, rules and standards.

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