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Principals We Live By:

Providing Energy / Working Together to Protect the Land, Air and Water

Those who provide the secure supplies of natural gas and oil that our citizens need to heat their homes, operate their farms, get to their jobs and recreation -- and that fuel our economy -- are important stewards of our land, air and water. They are committed to doing the right things to ensure energy supplies in environmentally preferable ways. They also respect and value their relationships with others who make their livings and raise their families on the land that also produces energy. And they know that we all must work together as users of our land.

The members of the natural gas and oil exploration and production sector, and the service companies that support their activities, also know what it takes to be good neighbors and to work with landowners and surface users.


  • Always be honest and straightforward
  • Do not misrepresent the impact of an operation
  • Do not minimize the impact of an operation when asked by the surface owner/user
  • Never promise what you cannot deliver
  • Always deliver what you promise


  • Communication is the critical element
  • Personal contact is essential
  • Involve landowners prior to the onset of a project whenever possible
  • Strive to recognize potential impacts and address them in advance
  • Provide direct access to personnel responsible for operations on a landowner's property


  • Always consider the environment while finding, developing and producing the natural gas and oil consumers need
  • Ensure that limiting surface disturbance is a priority
  • Address cleanup and restoration duties, whatever they may be, as quickly as feasible
  • Be consistent in considering the circumstances in determining when and how to compensate a landowner regarding surface use
  • "Walk the Talk"- Follow through on all promises and commitments
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